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  1. How Do I Order From You?

    Simple! Contact us and let us know what type of shoes you have and what they are made out of. (Some things will not work with certain materials. For example, paints do not take to patent shoes.) Also, give us an idea of what you want done to them. Then, all you need to do is pay us via paypal and send out your shoes to us in the mail and we'll do the rest!

    Alternatively, visit our store for shoes we have made already!

  2. What Can I Order?

    Anything you want! You can have a hand painted design, or even just some simple beading work. If you have some charms or special beads you want added, send it with your shoes and we'll add them free of charge!

  3. How Long Will It Take To Get My Shoes?

    We will aim to have all orders done within 4 weeks, however some designs may take longer. We will always keep in touch with you and let you know of any changes.

    Shoes purchased from our store will, obviously, be a lot quicker.

  4. What About Shipping Costs?

    Initial shipping costs Incoming (Customer to Melty Shoes) is paid by the customer. Outgoing shipping costs are included in the final quote.

  5. When Do I Pay?

    As soon as you can.

    Work will only begin AFTER payment has been received and cleared.

  6. How Will I Get My Shoes To You?

    You can drop them in if you are in the area, or pop them in the mail to us at our listed address. PLEASE NOTE;: WE DO NOT COLLECT OR DELIVER PERSONALLY!
  7. Do You Collect?

    No. We do not collect. If you want to get your shoes to us please feel free to drop them in if you are in the area or mail them.
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Shoe Care

  1. Can I Put Them In A Washing Machine?

    Holy Hera, no! The only shoes we would say yes to doing this with would be canvas shoes. Other than that, it is NOT recommended. Do so at your own risk!

  2. How Should I Store Them?

    The best place is in a cool, dark place. Preferably away from any damp spots, or places that develop condensation easily. We also recommend wrapping them in crepe or tissue paper.

  3. I Muddied Mine Up. What Do I Do?

    We recommend using a damp cloth to lightly rub off the mud on all crystal, charm, or bead embellished shoes We don't recommend this for painted shoes. However, you can try gentle blotting with a cloth.

  4. How Often Can/Should I Wear Them?

    Our shoes are generally a special item. If you don't mind the risk, feel free to wear them as often as you want. If you wish to preserve them as perfectly as possible, then do not wear them too often. Break them out on special occasions only.

    If you want to appreciate them, but don't want to wear them a lot, why not display them as art in your home instead? On a shelf, or in a box frame? (Away from sunlight, of course!)

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  1. How Much Do Your Shoes Generally Cost?

    We rely mostly on custom quotes, but we can guarantee that none of our shoes will be over £250. (This EXCLUDES orders with genuine gemstones/diamonds as an embellishment.)

    Our general price range is as follows:

    • Bridal/Bridesmaids - £80 - £200
    • Canvas Shoes/Converse/Keds - £30 - £100
    • Leather - £30 - £120
    • Patent/PVC - £50 - £150
    • Silk/Satin - £80 - £200
    • Boots - £70 - £200
    • Kids - £25 - £60
  2. How Much Would It Cost For REAL Diamonds?

    This depends on the size and clarity required. It also depends on the type you want. Lab created tend to be cheaper than natural. There are also several colours of diamond to choose from.

  3. How much would dying cost?

    This depends on the material of your shoe and the colour you need. Less common colours may be more. Generally, dying costs between 25 to 50 a pair.
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  1. Do You Do Kids Shoes?

    Indeed we do!

  2. Do You Do Mens Shoes?

    Yes! We can't leave you lovely guys out, can we?

  3. Do You Do Shoe Dyeing?

    This seems to be one of our most popular questions. Yes. We are indeed looking into shoe dyeing. Our method does not involve a dip dye. We use a sponge to apply our dyes. It is more precise and gives better results.

  4. I Want [INSERT GEM STONE HERE], Can I Have It?

    Provide us with exact specifications (IE: Size in diam, carat, colour preferences, etc.) and we will do our very best to source it for you!

    NOTE: Gemstone orders MUST be paid for in advance after a quote has been given.

  5. I Have A Pair Of Nasty, Old Shoes... Will You Do Them Up?

    Of course! There is no job too small. (Or smelly!) Provided you was/wipe off any obvious mud or debris before sending us them, we will gladly give them a spruce up. We will return them as clean as we can get them, sprayed with antibacterial solution and even re-soled if that is what you need.

  6. Antibacterial Solution? Is This OK For My Sensitive Skin?

    We use a tried and tested household product. You will know this as good old Dettol. For more information, visit their website:

  7. What Colour Options Do You Have For Dying?

    Because shoe dying a is a new option for Melty Shoes we only stock a limited number of colours. If your colour is not in stock we can get it for you. Please be aware that this will take between 7 to 14 days.
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