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March Madness

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Quote code MARCHMAD when placing a custom order!

[Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Offer ends 31/03/2013. Discount on custom orders ONLY. Does not apply to shoes instore.]

Creative Collaboration

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Are you a creative person? Are you someone who makes their own jewellery? Maybe you create other types of things such as beadwork, or needlefelt? If you are a creative professional, Melty Shoes wants to hear from you.

We are always looking for unique products and our preferred suppliers of charms and oddments happen to be indipendant creative professionals. We adore handmade items, as they have love put into them and this shoes when the piece is used.

We would love to collaborate with someone who would be willing to create small pieces to adorn a pair of shoes. This does not have to be an everyday post. In fact, you can choose to submit a piece every month if that is how you wish to do it. We will also keep in touch throughout the creation process so that you can oversee exactly what your work will be used for.

Now onto the question I know everyone is simply itching to ask... 'What about money?' - Since we are only looking for small pieces, it should not be too taxing for you. When it comes to profits, any work used will not only be credited, but you will receive a 30% cut of any profit made.

This is, not only a great way to earn some cash, keep you busy and extend your work to another sector, but it will be amazing publicity. Why? We advertise all people that affiliate with us. When we visit wedding fayres, we will be sure to plug your name/business name as much as possible. All advertising for the collaboration products will feature your logo or name too!

What are we looking for?

  • Jewellery Makers
  • Metalworkers
  • Silversmiths
  • Fimo/Sculpey/Polymer Clay Sculptors
  • Needlefelt Artists
  • Beadwork Artists
  • Glassworkers
  • Eco-friendly Jewellery Makers (IE: Recycled materials)

To get in touch, simply visit our site and fill out the contact form, PM us on Facebook, or comment on this post. We look forward to hearing from you!


Melty Shoes Debut - Butterley Grange Mansion

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We had a GREAT time at the wedding fayre hosted at Butterley Grange mansion. It was nice to get back into the place, especially since it is the place me and Lee are getting married in.

So, we showed up at around half past 9 in the morning to set up our table. It took us all of 5 seconds, so we gave a few of the other vendors a hand setting their displays up.

Then the people arrived! People seemed absolutely OBSESSED with 'Freja'. Everyone wanted to steal them!

All in all, it was a good day. I had quite a few interested people. One particular bride-to-be had 12 bridesmaids she needed shoes dyeing for!

Here. Have some pics.

The lovely Chris doing one of her amazing caricatures for a girl visiting with her Mom.

Looking out from Melty Shoes' alcove towards the bar before the visitors arrived.

And again with the visitors.

Tables set up so guests could sample some of Chef Stephens AMAZING food.

Lee amusing himself with his Kindle.

A little look at some of our info.

The hideousness that is me. In a skirt... Yes. You heard me.


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So, I was up late last night with these shoes. I wanted to replicate an oriental ink painting, or the willow pattern in this design, as I felt it suited the shoe style.

I started by wiping on brown fabric ink, then using textured paper, I lightly pressed it on over the top to give a darker, leafy feel. I then added long strokes for the grass and the tree and bamboo. I then used the same method with the textured paper and added a thin layer of light blue over the image in varying degrees of darkness to give it a little more life. To finish, I highlighted with black ink and hot fixed it all.

Name: Freja

Collection: Everyday or Bridal

Size: 5 (UK)

Price: £40

Georgette FINISHED

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Collection: Bridal

Name: Georgette


Collection So Far

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With our upcoming debut at the Butterley Grange Wedding Fayre, we thought it only prudent to purchase new stock for the occasion. The following styles will be featured:








Which one is your favourite so far? Remember that we have yet to do them up. This is their raw form. At the fayre we will display the shoes side by side. One will be in its raw form and the other will have been 'Meltified'.